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6th Bldg.,2F, Henan Zhengzhou Processing Zone, 9th Street, Eastern Hanghai Road, Zhengzhou
Welcome to Zhengzhou Solstar Diamond Co.,Ltd. website, contact telephone:+86-371-6686 9509

    Zhengzhou Solstar Diamond Co.,Ltd. was founded at April 2008, which is coming from Guangzhou Solstar Diamond Co.,Ltd. It has been operating successfully for 8 years since 2001.It is a private enterprise of the diamonds' development production and processing, and with $200,000 as the registerd capital. It locates at 6th Bldg., 2F , Henan Zhengzhou Processing Zone, 9th Street , Eastern Hanghai Road , Zhengzhou , with an area of more than 1700 square meters. The company has used the intensified production combination pattern, raised the labor production efficiency and the professional skill level, and enables the production cost to be under the active control. It has introduced the advanced production equipments, guaranteed that the technical craft the science implementation, and it has a productivity of 30,000 carats diamonds by yearly.

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